Thursday, April 23, 2015

Comedy of Errors

I fully recognize that this post is all about #firstworldproblems but today I have got to write down some craziness I recently experienced, just so I remember. In order to pursue an adventure that is hopefully in our future, we decided that we needed to get passports for Colby and Landon.  We looked up where to go, filled out the applications, planned a Saturday family breakfast at IHOP with a Christmas gift card and went down to the Lehi post office to turn in our applications.  First error, you need an appointment, and there were none for a few weeks.  Okay, we were frustrated because we thought we had checked the website about the need for an appointment and that post office does not answer the phone. So we scheduled an appointment and enjoyed breakfast at IHOP.  We had scheduled appointments on a school day afternoon in between when Landon could miss the last bit of class and before Colby had to be to work.  And since Jason wasn't going to be there, he had to go wait in line at the bank to get a form notarized stating that he agreed to let me get Landon a passport. So we're about 2 hours into this process by now.  Then we have the unfortunate experience of no longer wanting to pursue the adventure based on certain behaviors of certain people and we cancel the passport appointment altogether.  Actually we pull a no-show, which I hate, but they seriously won't answer the phone down there.
Two months later, we decide to try again with the adventure plans and can't get the post office to answer the phone, so Colby and I go and stand in line for 15 minutes to schedule an appointment 3 weeks out (which is three days before Jason's notarized document expires).  Yay! Last night, I forgot that we need pictures for passports, but I thought I knew what they wanted and figure we will just take them ourselves.  Cheaper? yes. More convenient?  no way  Two hours folks, two hours.  My printer refused to cooperate. Refused!!  It kept putting lines through the pictures and wouldn't do the right size and I was running out of printer paper. It was getting late and we even tried a friend and their printer wasn't working and Walgreens machines are out for two days. I finally found a website called, in case you are interested, that helped with the sizing.  I put in my last two pieces of printer paper, checked every single setting, said more than one prayer, and they worked!
And then this morning, I noticed that there are a couple things that I needed to change on the application, so I redid them.  So now I am armed with 2 applications filled out, birth certificates, copies of birth certificates, copies of drivers' licenses, passport sized photos, a notarized release all in a folder ready to go. Should be smooth sailing from here, right???? Not so...
I give the girls an early lunch and nap around 11 so I can wake them up at 1, so we can go and check Landon out, which luckily my sister was able to do for me.  Landon "needs" to drive because he has his permit and mid-way, Raylie "needs" to go potty, so we stop at Neptune park at the bathrooms there.  Then we pick up Colby on center street in Lehi after he had had lunch with his friends...don't ask. As we are getting out of the car, I ask Colby if he has his ID (which I had previously reminded him about) and no he doesn't, so books it out of there in the van to go retrieve it at Westlake because technically one of our appointments is at 2 and one at 2:20.  I walk in with Landon and the girls and learn within two minutes that she can't accept Landon's application because I don't have a copy of the back of Jason's driver's license. What??? Oh and the pictures are "iffy" because they are a bit pinkish.  So I need to schedule another appointment unless I can get a copy of the back of Jason's driver's license by 2:20.  No pressure, right?  We walk outside and plan to go and get a fax sent to a business close by, but guess what? we have no car because Colby has taken it to get his ID. I call Jason to get him to fax me a copy, no answer.  I call his work and he is at the ropes course.  I call over there, and learn that he is 30 feet up at the top of the ropes course running the zip line. Really? Luckily, there is a real good friend running it with him and dear wonderful Bill comes to my rescue, but where should he fax it to?  Run Landon Run!  And he did--with money in his pocket to get someone to accept a one page fax.  Run to Kohlers--they only send faxes-not receive them, run to the animal hospital--their printer is broken, run to a random dentist office--yay, they will do it, run back to the post office with the number.  Meanwhile, the girls are being absolute stinkers.  I am trying to make all these phone calls and they are wandering all over outside the post office getting dangerously close to the street and the parking lot. Ugh.
It's 2:20 and Colby comes into the parking lot just in time.  I send him in with his paperwork and keep looking for Landon to come back.  Landon comes back to tell me that the dental office will do it, I call Bill to have him fax it over and then I go to load up the girls to drive with Landon to get the fax.  Just then Colby calls out the door that they won't do any of the paperwork without me, so I go in with him and the girls and Landon takes off running again. While we are doing the paperwork with Colby, the girls are being stinkers again! Running all over, being loud, throwing a fit when I try to contain them, etc, etc, not to mention that Madilynn has now pooped her diaper. I also find out that they need a copy of the back of my driver's license, but luckily they will make a copy right there. 
And then we are almost done with Colby's and I am getting nervous because I get the feeling that this lady is going to make me schedule another appointment if Landon doesn't get there now.  I pick up the phone to call him which he doesn't answer because whew! he is right behind me with a lovely copy of the back of Jason's license. So I send Colby out to the car with the girls and luckily the lady starts working on Landon's application (I had complimented her on her absolutely beautiful handwriting, so maybe that helped)  She warns me again that she doesn't know if they will accept the pictures and says that they can take them there, but they cost $15.  I'll take my chances with the state department.  And then we left and they are done.  Yay for bureaucracy!  Wow!!  Of course, such an experience warranted some Waffle Luv on the way home of course.  Mmmm.
As a lovely addendum to this, I have since learned that the easiest routine is to get your pictures at Costco and go directly to the state office on Center street in Provo.  For next time, right??

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