Thursday, March 3, 2016

"I Feel at Home" and other tender mercies

To quote from part of Colby's email this morning..."Well, I am safe an sound. I can understand words. And I can read. I had my first conversation with an Armenian on the flight to Armenia. She sat next to us. I feel so much more confident and I know that I will be ok. I understood her and she understood me. It was absolutely wonderful! The weather feels good here and warm....  I slept for a total of 3 hours during all my flights. But I got a good nights rest and a great breakfast. I feel at home. I love you so much!"

On Tuesday, we had the amazing opportunity to talk to Colby as he waited in three different airports on his trip to Armenia. He was excited and nervous and just wondering a lot about what exactly things would be like.  It was a tender mercy for us to hear his voice and for him to get to talk to each of us.  The boys stayed home from school and Jason stayed home from work that day.  It was awesome all around.  But it was clear that he was nervous. But an amazing tender mercy came about when Dale Brink, a man that Colby used to home teach, was working at the San Francisco airport when Colby flew in.  And he took him KFC!  How cool is that?  But the most tender of mercies ever was that in my prayers throughout that day, I prayed that Colby would feel at home in Armenia, that he would know it was where he was supposed to be at this time in his life.  So to have him say those exact words in his email, when I hadn't told him that was what I was specifically praying for, was pretty amazing and oh so comforting!

I know the Lord is in the details of our lives.  I know he cares about every question, doubt, concern, struggle that we have and I know that He loves us and cares for us way more than we give Him credit for. I know that missionary work is real and that it matters.  I couldn't watch Colby do this without knowing that.  Again today I saw some things online that were poking fun at this church and belittling the leaders and the Savior and it made me sad.  But I know the peace that this Gospel brings me, and I know that Jesus Christ is real and involved in this Gospel and I know the comfort that the Gospel has brought my son. Amazing things are going to happen in the next two years for this young man, especially now that he "can understand words."  haha!!


  1. Aw, you made me cry on the train. This is beautiful! Tender mercies are the best. Love you.

  2. Love you all so much. I can't imagine how hard it is to send your boy out. The first of many and everyone will be hard but knowing that the Lord is there to protect His missionary provides some peace.